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In case of litigation, the applied law is the French one and only the original French version of this document will be referred to.

Extract from the French tourism code, hereafter referred to as the Code du Tourisme.
In accordance with the article R. 211-14 of the Code du Tourisme, the articles R. 211-5 to R. 211-13 are hereafter reproduced. They apply exclusively to the organisation of the sale of travel, holidays and tourist packages, as referred to in the articles L. 211-1 and L. 211-2.
Art. R. 211-5
Subject to the exclusions specified in parts a and b, paragraph 2 of article L. 211-8, all travel or holiday offers and sales entitle the customer to receive the appropriate documents which are subject to the rules defined in the present section. In the case of sale of air travel tickets or travel tickets which are not accompanied by services linked to journey, the seller provides the customer with one or more tickets for the entire trip issued by the travel company or under its responsibility. When travel is on request, the name and address of the travel company, for which the tickets are issued, must be mentioned.
The separate invoicing of the different elements of the same tourist package does not exempt the seller from its obligations, specified in the regulations referred to in the present section.
Art. R. 211-6
Before signature of the contract and by way of a written document showing the company name, address and an indication of its official authorisation to exercise its activity, the seller must communicate to the customer all information concerning the price, the dates and other elements concerning the services provided during travel or the holiday, such as:
1) The destination, the mode of transport, the characteristics and categories of transport used;
2) The type of accommodation, its location, level of comfort and main characteristics, conformity to regulations and tourist classification correspond to the regulations or customs of the host country;
3) The meals provided;
4) The itinerary description in the case of a round trip tour;
5) Administrative and health formalities, notably in the case of border crossings, and the time frame necessary to fulfil them;
6) Visits, excursions and other services included in the package or which may be available on payment of a supplement, 7) The permitted minimum or maximum size of group for travel or for the holiday as well as whether travel or the holiday is subject to a minimum number of participants, the last date to inform the customer in the case of cancellation of travel or of the holiday; this date cannot be fixed less than 20 days before departure;
8) The amount or percentage of the price that must be paid on signing the contract as well as the last date for payment of the balance;
9) The terms of price modification as specified by the contract according to the article R. 211-10;
10) Terms and conditions of contract cancellation;
11) Terms and conditions of cancellation defined by the articles R. 211-11, R. 211-12 and R. 211-13;
12) Detail of the risks covered and the level of cover provided by the insurance contract which covers travel agents' public and professional liability insurance and public liability of non-profit associations and organisations and local tourist organisations;
13) Information concerning optional insurance to cover certain cases of cancellation or insurance to cover certain risks, notably repatriation fees in the case of an accident or illness; 14) When the contract includes flights, information for each section of the flight, specified in the articles R. 211-15 to R. 211-18.

Art. R. 211-7
The preliminary information provided to the customer commits the seller, unless the seller has expressly reserved the right to modify certain elements.
The seller must, in this case, clearly indicate the extent to which this modification can apply and which elements it may concern. In any event, modifications of the preliminary information must be transmitted to the customer in writing before signature of the contract.
Art. R. 211-8
The contract signed between the seller and the customer must be written, established in duplicate, signed by both parties and one copy given to the customer. It must include the following clauses:
1) The name and address of the seller, of his guarantor and of his insurance company, as well as the name and address of the organiser;
2) The destination or destinations of the trip and, in the case of a multi-centre holiday, the different periods and their dates;
3) The modes, characteristics and categories of transport used, the outgoing and return dates, times and places of departure;
4) The type of accommodation, its location, level of comfort and its main characteristics and tourist classification according to the regulations or customs in the host country;
5) The number of meals provided;
6) The itinerary description in the case of a round trip tour;
7) Visits, excursions or other services included in the total price of the trip or holiday;
8) The total price of services provided as well as the indication of any possible changes according to the details of article R. 211-10;
9) The indication, if necessary, of licence fees or taxes payable for certain services such as landing or boarding tax in ports and airports, tourist tax, when it is not included in the price of services provided;
10) The dates and method of payment of the balance; the customer's last payment cannot be inferior to 30% of the price of the holiday or trip and must be made at the same time as the transfer of travel or holiday documents to the customer;
11) Specific conditions requested by the customer and accepted by the seller;
12) The method by which the customer can claim against the seller for non-fulfilment or unacceptable fulfilment of the contract, a claim which must be addressed as soon as possible, by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, to the seller, and if applicable, brought to the attention, in writing, of the holiday organiser and providers of the services concerned;
13) The last date to inform the customer in the case of cancellation of travel or of the holiday by the seller, in the event that the trip or stay is subject to a minimum number of participants as laid out in clause no. 7 of the article R. 211-6;
14) Terms and conditions of contract cancellation;
15) Terms and conditions of cancellation defined by the articles R. 211-11, R. 211-12 and R. 211-13;
16) Detail of the risks covered and the level of cover provided by the insurance contract which covers the seller's public and professional liability;
17) Information concerning the insurance contract taken out by the customer to cover certain cases of cancellation (police number and name of insurance company) as well as information concerning the insurance contract covering specific risks, notably repatriation fees in the case of an accident or illness; in this case, the seller must provide the customer with a document specifying at least the risks covered and the risks excluded;
18) The last date to inform the seller in the case of the customer wishing to break the contract;
19) Commitment to provide to the customer in writing, at least ten days before the planned departure date, the following information:
a - The name, address and telephone number of the seller's local representative or, in its absence, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of local organisations susceptible to help the customer in case of a problem or, in their absence, the phone number permitting to contact the seller in an emergency;
b - For holidays of under 18s abroad, a phone number and an address permitting direct contact with the child or the person responsible for the holiday;
20) The clause referring to cancellation and refund without a penalty fee of the sum paid by the customer in the case of failure to comply with the obligation to give information as specified in clause no. 14 of the article R. 211-6.
Art. R. 211-9
The customer can transfer his contract to a transferee who fulfils the same conditions as him to undertake the holiday, as long as the contract has had no effect on it. Except specification advantageous to the transferor, he is required to inform the seller of his decision in writing by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt at least seven days before the departure date. In the case of a cruise, this requirement is extended to two weeks. This transfer is in no way subject to advance authorisation by the seller.
Art. R. 211-10
When the contract includes the possibility of a price change, within the limits specified in article L. 211-13, it must mention the exact calculation method, whether it be in the case of an increase or a decrease in price, and notably the price of transport costs and the relevant taxes, there where the currency exchange rate can have an impact on the price of travel or of the holiday, the part of the price subject to variation, the exchange rate or rates used as a reference when establishing the price which appears in the contract.
Art. R. 211-11
When, before the customer's departure, the seller is obliged to make a change to one of the main points of the contract, such as a significant increase in price, the customer can, without prejudice to his right to claim damages, and after having been informed of the fact by the seller by registered post:
- either cancel his contract and receive an immediate refund without a penalty charge of the sum already paid;
- or accept the change or the alternative holiday proposed by the seller; an amendment to the contract specifying the changes is in this case signed by both parties; any decrease in price is deducted from the balance due and, if the payment already made by the customer exceeds the price of the modified holiday, the excess must be returned to him before the date of departure. Art. R. 211-12
In the case specified by the article L. 211-15, when, before the customer's departure, the seller cancels the travel or the holiday, he must inform the customer by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt; the customer, without prejudice to his right to reclaim damages, obtains immediately from the seller a refund of the payments made, without a penalty fee; the customer receives, in this case, compensation at least equal to the penalty fee that he would have been required to pay had he cancelled the contract at this date. The clauses of the article do not in any way prevent the conclusion of a friendly settlement where the seller offers the customer replacement travel or a substitution holiday.
Art. R. 211-13
When, after the customer's departure, the seller is unable to provide an important element of the services referred to in the contract and representing quite an important percentage of the price paid by the customer, the seller must immediately take the following action without prejudice to his right to claim damages:
- either offer services to replace the services referred to in the contract and taking responsibility for any extra cost and, if the services accepted by the customer are of lower quality, the seller must reimburse, on his return, the difference in price;
- or, if he cannot offer a replacement service or if those offered are refused by the customer for a valid reason, the seller must provide the customer, at no extra charge, with the travel tickets necessary to ensure his return, in the equivalent conditions, to his place of departure, or to another place acceptable to both parties.


The present special terms and conditions of sale apply to the sale of travel or holidays organised by VTR Voyages, herebelow known as "VTR".

Registrations and bookings: Registration for one of our holidays implies that you have read and agreed to the General and Special terms and conditions of sale. Registration only becomes final after:
• payment by the customer of a deposit in theory equal to 30% of the price of the holiday or travel
• signature of a registration form which serves as a contract, and confirmed by us. This document summarises the main characteristics and particularities of the holiday or travel chosen. It must be signed by the customer if over 18 or, if under 18, by his legal representative preceded by the words "accord du père/mère/tuteur" ("agreement of father/mother/guardian") and accompanied by written authorisation. The person who signs the contract is responsible for the persons registered on the holiday.
The payment of the balance must be made by the customer at least 1 month before departure. A customer who does not respect this clause, linked to our commitments with our suppliers, is at risk of cancellation of his holiday and subject to the fees stated. If registration takes place less than 30 days before departure, the payment of the balance is due. VTR will send to the customer the holiday documentation and/or travel tickets after payment of the balance. The total cost of accommodation, optional extras and attached services (transport, picnics, insurance, equipment hire etc.) is to be paid to VTR in accordance with the manner of payment indicated by the contract. All of the optional extras quoted beforehand must be requested from VTR* a maximum of 30 days before departure. (*Excluding all other service providers offering similar products or services, so that holiday makers, in the case of failure of an outside service provider to honour his commitments, do not put this failure down to VTR, who for their part ensure a regular level of service).
We ask you to indicate on your registration form a legible and reliable postal address and contact telephone number. If we are unable to contact you before your departure due to unreliable contact details, we refuse all reasonability.

Price and services: Our prices include all taxes and are in Euros, calculated on the basis of the prices in force on 1st March 2013. They can be modified without warning in the case of price increases imposed by the service providers or in the case of economic upheaval. Our services are on offer for a limited period according to the terms of the booking. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices of accommodation include accommodation rental with services, all taxes included, and utilities (water, electricity, heating) except for a tourist tax which is fixed by the local council and payable on-site.
In all cases, the prices include the services defined in the contract.
These prices are fixed. No challenge concerning the price of the stay can be taken into consideration upon the customer's return. It is the customer's responsibility to assess whether the price is acceptable before departure. These prices are nevertheless subject to a readjustment in the case of a significant change in: security tax, port and airport tax, increase in the price of fuel, variation in the rate of currency exchange, a change of host. The residences quoted on our "holiday information sheets" are for general information purposes only and will be sold within the limit of accommodation available. In the case of the residence proposed being full, a residence of equivalent quality will be proposed to the customer.

Security deposit: A security deposit will be requested of you on-site for any apartment rental. Depending on the residences and hosts, the amount varies between 200 and 500 Euros per apartment for individual customers. For groups, a minimum sum of 200 Euros per holiday maker (with one of two cheques) will be requested.
On the last day of your stay, the accommodation must be vacated between 8am and 10am. The security deposit is returned after inspection and inventory, provided that the accommodation has not be subject to any degradation, and that the room or accommodation is vacated in an appropriate state of cleanliness and if the internal rules and regulations have been respected in all ways, notably concerning customers' behaviour in the communal areas (vandalism, night time noise or other similar disturbances). Customers are expressly requested to acquaint themselves with the parts of the contract concerning the respect of the internal rules and regulations of the residences. In the case of non-respect of the internal rules and regulations, we reserve the right to retain all or part of your security deposit. Nevertheless, should this amount be insufficient to cover the costs, you will be asked for a supplement. The same applies if an act of degradation is observed during transport. VTR cannot be held in any way responsible for the return of security deposits given directly to hosts. These will be returned by the host.

For coach transport chartered by VTR, the times indicated in your travel documents are the departure times and not the meeting times. You must be present at least 30 minutes before departure. The time and place of departure are given as a general indication. The time of departure can be brought forward or pushed back. The place of departure can also be changed. In this case, we will inform you of the change. It is your responsibility to indicate on your registration form a reliable postal address and contact telephone number. If we are unable to contact you before your departure due to unreliable contact details, we refuse all responsibility. VTR cannot be held responsible for a delay in prior transport connections, whether by air, rail or land, which could cause the passenger to be unable to present himself at the departure for any reason at all, even if this delay is a result of a case of force majeure, unforeseeable events or as a result of a third party. Coach transport being subject to road conditions (traffic jams, vehicle breakdown, accidents, difficult driving conditions...), your coach may arrive later than the time foreseen. The utmost will be done to ensure that transport runs as smoothly as possible. In none of the above situations is the holiday maker entitled to compensation. The duration of stops during the journey is announced by the tour guide or the driver. It is the holiday maker's responsibility to ensure that he is present when the coach leaves. The same goes for departure on the last day of the holiday. Any holiday maker not present at the planned departure place and time must return by his own means and at his own expense.
Upon return, VTR is in no way responsible for any late or early arrival which may cause changes to your timetable, or make it impossible to use public transport or accommodation. Allow extra time.
Cancellation fees: Any cancellation by the holiday maker must be addressed to VTR by registered post, postmarked on or before date.
To guarantee the fulfilment of our holidays, we have costs which oblige us to apply penalty fees in the case of cancellations, depending on the cancellation date.
Unless otherwise stated, the amount withheld is calculated in the following way (percentage of the total price of the holiday including the extra charges, not including insurance per person): - more than 45 days before departure: 30% of the price of the holiday
- between 45 and 30 days before departure: 50%
- between 30 and 15 days before departure: 75%
- less than 14 days before departure or absence on departure day: 100%
A handling fee will be withheld for each cancellation, that is to say 30 € per person. Nevertheless, since some programmes include the payment in advance of certain services to our providers, the handling fee may be increased by supplementary fees, such as for show tickets, train tickets etc.
In no instance can the sum represented by these penalty fees be transferred to another holiday.
Any holiday begun is considered taken by the holiday maker and will not give rise to any refund. The price of the holiday will be revised if the cancellation causes a change in the price bracket.
To limit these risks, we advise you to take out cancellation insurance.
We draw your attention, however, to the fact that this insurance is subject to certain conditions that you should be aware of at the time of purchase. Please note in particular that the loss of identity documents (passport) before departure is a risk that is not covered by our insurance.
Be aware that certain holidays can have specific cancellation conditions, read your contract carefully.

Insurance: We remind you that our holidays do not include insurance cover. In order to be prepared for any eventuality, we strongly recommend that you take out our holiday insurance proposed as an optional extra. Note that you must take out this insurance at the moment of registration.
In the event of an accident, the customer who has taken out repatriation assistance insurance or cancellation insurance through our intermediary must contact the Insurer, whose contact details appear on the holiday documents, directly.
Modification or cancellation of the holiday by the organiser: Our tours and holidays are studied with a great deal of care. However, new factors can cause us to make changes with the aim of providing our customers with the best service possible. In case of necessity, we reserve the right to transport customers to their destination by train, taxi or regular transport services; to change the itineraries or travel times; to substitute one mode of transport for another; to replace accommodation by an equivalent. In the case of changes, customers' right to compensation is limited to the refunding of services incurring an extra charge that were initially provided for but of which they have been deprived.
If, before departure, a modification is made to an essential element of the holiday by the organiser, the customer can, within 7 days of having been informed:
- either put an end to his booking (only by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt), in which case he will receive an immediate refund of the sum already paid.
- or accept to take part in the modified holiday. An amendment to the contract will be signed stipulating the modifications and the decrease or increase in price.
The customer cannot modify the holiday programme. If the holiday were cancelled by the organiser due to circumstances of force majeure or for reasons linked to travellers' safety, the customer cannot claim any compensation.

Responsibilities: In order to run its holidays, VTR calls upon several categories of service providers. We must not be amalgamated with them, they retain in all respects the responsibility towards the customer for their own activity, in terms of the legislation and statutes that govern them. In the same way, VTR cannot be held responsible and the customer cannot claim any compensation for a change in the timetable or a case of force majeure. The conditions of transport with the transport companies oblige us to remind you that any seat not filled on the transport on the way out or the return journey cannot be refunded, even in the case of a deferment to another date by the customer. VTR reserves the right to cancel transportation if the number of passengers is insufficient. In this case, the simple refund of the sums paid by the customer will liberate VTR from all commitments and exempt it from all compensation. Nevertheless, VTR will do its utmost to find seats for the customer on regular transport and in this case will bill the customer the official price. A holiday interrupted by the customer or any service not used by him for whatever reason cannot give rise to a refund.
VTR reserves the right to make any useful changes considered necessary for the smooth running of the holiday. Moreover, the users are entirely responsible for the accommodation, transport used and equipment hired for sports activities. In the case of degradation, loss or theft, VTR cannot be held responsible and the customer commits to pay for the damage caused.
VTR, not being a holder of the certification given by the ministère de Jeunesse et Sports (French ministry of youth and sports) for the supervision of under 18s, any child remains under the complete responsibility of his parents or guardians. In no case can VTR be held responsible for circumstances of force majeure, unforeseeable events or as a result of a third party.

Warning: The customer taking part in activity organised by VTR must conform to the rules in force and follow the instructions given by its representative.
VTR and its employees reserve the right to exclude at any moment any person whose behaviour may cause a serious disruption to the rest of the group or may compromise the safety of others or does not respect the law in force: aggressiveness, absence of respect for other holiday makers, consumption of alcohol or smoking in the coaches... No compensation to the person excluded is due in these circumstances.

Luggage: Each holiday maker is personally responsible for his luggage throughout the holiday. We are not responsible for valuable objects or money left inside coaches or trains. Moreover, due to the increasing number of personal objects left by customers in hotels or rented accommodation and the difficulty of identifying them, it will be impossible for us to search for and return them.

Professional responsibility: VTR declares that it is covered by a civil and professional responsibility insurance with the company MMA (police number 112008929). The objective of this insurance is to protect our customers against risk of professional error by our staff and our service providers. VTR is also insured against the risk of bankruptcy before or during the holiday. This risk is covered by APS, Rue Carnot, Paris 17ème.

Litigation: Any claim relating to a holiday must reach us by registered post a maximum of 8 days after the return date. After this date, there will be no response to the claim made.
In the case of a challenge or litigation, only the Montpellier tribunal will be competent.

Date and signature of the customer with the written phrase "Bon pour accord" ("Agreed")