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  • Law 92-645 of 13 July 1992 and its implementing decree 94-490 of 15 June 1994 set the conditions for the exercise of activities relating to the organization and sale of trips or stays.

  • Art. 95 - Subject to the exclusions provided for in the second paragraph (a) and (b) of Article 14 of the aforementioned Act of 13 July 1992, any offer or sale of travel or holiday services shall be subject to the submission of appropriate documents which comply with the rules defined by this Title. In the case of the sale of air transport tickets or transport tickets on a regular line not accompanied by services related to such transport, the seller delivers to the buyer one or more tickets for the entire journey issued by the carrier or under his responsibility. In the case of transportation on demand, the name and address of the carrier on whose behalf the tickets are issued must be mentioned. The separate invoicing of the various elements of the same tourist package does not exempt the seller from the obligations that are made to him by this title.

  • Art. 96 - Prior to the conclusion of the contract and on the basis of a written support, bearing its corporate name, its address and the indication of its administrative authorization of exercise, the salesman must communicate to the consumer the information on the prices, the dates and other elements of the services provided during the trip or stay such as:

    • 1 - the destination, means, characteristics and categories of transport used;

    • 2 - the type of accommodation, its location, its level of comfort and its main characteristics, its approval and its tourist classification corresponding to the regulations or customs of the host country;

    • 3 - meals provided;

    • 4 - the description of the itinerary when it is a circuit;

    • 5 - the administrative and health formalities to be carried out in the event, in particular, of crossing the frontiers as well as their deadlines for completion;

    • 6 - visits, excursions and other services included in the package or possibly available for an additional charge;

    • 7 - the minimum or maximum size of the group allowing the realization of the journey or stay and, if the realization of the journey or the stay is subordinated to a minimal number of participants, the deadline of information of the consumer in the event of cancellation travel or stay; this date can not be fixed less than twenty-one days before departure;

    • 8 - the amount or percentage of the price to be paid as an advance payment at the conclusion of the contract and the payment schedule of the balance;

    • 9 - the terms of revision of prices as provided for in the contract pursuant to Article 100 of this decree;

    • 10 - cancellation conditions of a contractual nature;

    • 11 - the cancellation conditions defined in articles 101, 102 and 103 below;

    • 12 - the details of the risks covered and the amount of the guarantees taken out under the insurance contract covering the consequences of the professional liability of travel agencies and the civil liability of non-profit associations and organizations and local organizations of tourism ;

    • 13 - the information concerning the optional subscription of an insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation or of an assistance contract covering certain particular risks, in particular repatriation costs in the event of an accident or disease.

  • Art. 97 - The prior information given to the consumer binds the seller, unless in this case the seller has expressly reserved the right to modify certain elements. The seller must, in this case, clearly indicate to what extent this modification can occur and on which elements. In any case, the changes made to the prior information must be communicated in writing to the consumer before the conclusion of the contract.

  • Art. 98 - The contract concluded between the seller and the buyer must be written in two copies, one of which is given to the buyer, and signed by both parties. It must include the following clauses:

    • 1 - the name and address of the seller, its guarantor and insurer and the name and address of the organizer;

    • 2 - the destination or destinations of the trip and, in the case of a split stay, the different periods and their dates;

    • 3 - the means, characteristics and categories of transport used, dates, times and places of departure and return;

    • 4 - the type of accommodation, its location, its level of comfort and its main characteristics, its tourist classification according to the regulations or customs of the host country;

    • 5 - the number of meals provided;

    • 6 - the itinerary when it is a circuit;

    • 7 - visits, excursions or other services included in the total price of the trip or stay;

    • 8 - the total price of the services invoiced as well as the indication of any possible revision of this invoicing under the provisions of article 100 below;

    • 9 - the indication, if applicable, of fees or taxes relating to certain services such as landing, landing or embarkation fees at ports and airports, tourist taxes when they are not included in the price of the services provided;

    • 10 - the schedule and terms of payment of the prize; in any case, the last payment made by the buyer can not be less than 30% of the price of the trip or stay and must be made when handing the documents to make the trip or stay;

    • 11 - the special conditions requested by the buyer and accepted by the seller;

    • 12 - the conditions according to which the buyer can seize the seller of a complaint for non-performance or bad execution of the contract, complaint which must be addressed as soon as possible, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the seller, and indicated in writing, possibly to the travel organizer and the service provider concerned;

    • 13 - the deadline for informing the buyer in case of cancellation of the trip or stay by the seller in the case where the realization of the trip or stay is linked to a minimum number of participants, in accordance with the provisions of the Article 96-7 above,

    • 14 - cancellation conditions of a contractual nature;

    • 15 - the cancellation conditions provided for in articles 101, 102 and 103 below;

    • 16 - the details of the risks covered and the amount of the guarantees under the insurance contract covering the consequences of the seller's professional liability;

    • 17 - information concerning the insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation subscribed by the buyer (policy number and name of the insurer), as well as those concerning the assistance contract covering certain particular risks, including repatriation costs in case of accident or illness; in this case, the seller must give the buyer a document specifying at least the risks covered and the risks excluded;

    • 18 - the deadline for informing the seller in case of assignment of the contract by the buyer;

    • 19 - the undertaking to provide, in writing, to the buyer, at least ten days before the scheduled date of his departure, the following information: (a) the name, address and telephone number of the seller's local representative or, failing that, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of local bodies that may assist the consumer in the event of difficulty, or, failing that, , the phone number for urgent contact with the seller; b) for trips and stays of minors abroad, a telephone number and an address allowing to establish a direct contact with the child or the person in charge of his stay.

  • Art. 99 - The buyer may assign his contract to an assignee who fulfills the same conditions as him to carry out the journey or the stay, as long as this contract has produced no effect. Unless stipulated more favorable to the transferor, he must inform the seller of his decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than seven days before the start of the trip. When it comes to a cruise, this period is extended to fifteen days. This transfer is under no circumstances subject to prior authorization by the seller.

  • Art. 100 - When the contract includes an express possibility of price revision, within the limits provided for in article 19 of the aforementioned law of 13 July 1992, it must mention the precise methods of calculation, both upwards and downwards , variations in prices, and in particular the amount of transport costs and related taxes, the currency or currencies that may affect the price of the trip or stay, the share of the price to which the variation applies, the price of the currency or currencies used as reference when establishing the price appearing in the contract.

  • Art. 101 - When, before the departure of the buyer, the seller is forced to make a modification to one of the essential elements of the contract such as a significant increase in the price, the buyer may, without prejudging remedies repair for damage possibly suffered, and after having been informed by the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt:
    - either cancel his contract and obtain without penalty the immediate reimbursement of the sums paid,
    - accept the change or the substitute trip proposed by the seller; an amendment to the contract specifying the modifications made is then signed by the parties; any reduction in price is deducted from any sums still due by the buyer and, if the payment already made by the latter exceeds the price of the modified service, the overpayment must be returned to him before the date of his departure.

  • Art. 102 - In the case provided for in Article 21 of the aforementioned Act of 13 July 1992, when, before the departure of the buyer, the seller cancels the trip or the stay, he must inform the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgment reception. The buyer, without prejudging recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, obtains from the seller the immediate and without penalty reimbursement of the sums paid; the buyer receives, in this case, an indemnity at least equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had taken place at that date. The provisions of this article do not in any way preclude the conclusion of an amicable agreement for the purpose of acceptance by the buyer of a substitute trip or stay proposed by the seller.

  • Art. 103 - When, after the departure of the buyer, the seller is unable to provide a preponderant share of the services provided for in the contract representing a significant percentage of the price honored by the buyer, the seller must immediately make the necessary arrangements. without prejudice to the remedies for damages for any damage suffered:
    - either offer benefits in lieu of scheduled benefits, possibly bearing any additional price and, if the services accepted by the buyer are of inferior quality, the seller must refund the difference in price, as soon as he returns, - if he can not offer any replacement services or if these are refused by the buyer for valid reasons, provide the buyer, at no extra cost, tickets to ensure his return in conditions that may be deemed equivalent to the place of departure or to another place accepted by both parties.


These special conditions of sale are intended to apply to the sale of travel or stays organized by VTR VOYAGES, hereinafter referred to as « VTR ».

  • Registration & reservations:

    Registration for one of our trips implies knowledge and acceptance of our general and special conditions of sale. Registration becomes definitive only after:
    • payment as a deposit by the customer of a sum in principle equal to 30% of the price of the trip
    • signing an order or registration form acting as a contract, and confirmed by us. This document contains the main characteristics as well as the particularities of the chosen trip. It must be signed by the adult client or for minors, by his legal representative preceded by the mention "agreement of the father / mother / guardian" and accompanied by a written parental authorization. The signatory of the contract is liable for the persons registered on the same file.

    Payment of the balance of the price must be made spontaneously no later than one month before departure. A customer who does not respect this clause, linked to the commitments made with our suppliers, is liable to a de facto cancellation with application of the planned costs. If registration is less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, the total payment of the order is requested. VTR will give the customer the travel book and / or tickets, after payment of the balance of the order. The full price of the rental and any options and ancillary services (transport, packed lunches, insurance, rental of equipment, etc.) must be paid to VTR in accordance with the terms of payment indicated by contract. All the above options must be ordered from VTR * within a maximum of 15 days before departure. (* To the exclusion of any other provider offering similar products or services, in order to prevent the participants, in the event of the failure of an external service provider, attributing the said failure to VTR, which in turn ensures a level of regular quality) We ask you to indicate on your registration form reliable and readable postal and telephone numbers. If we could not reach you before departure by default of reliable contact, our responsibility would be released.

  • Prices and services:

    Our prices are inclusive of all taxes and in Euros, calculated on the basis of the data in effect on March 1st 2013. They can be modified without notice in case of tariff increases imposed by the service providers or in case of economic upheaval. Our services are offered for a fixed term according to the terms of the reservation. Unless otherwise stated, the rental prices include the rental of the apartment (except exceptions, from the arrival day 16h to the day of departure 10h) with services, all taxes included, and charges (water, electricity, heating) except one city ​​tax determined by the municipality and payable locally. In all cases, the rates include the benefits defined in the contract. These prices are fixed. No dispute regarding the price of the stay can be taken into consideration on return. It is up to the customer to appreciate before his departure if the price suits him. However, these prices may be readjusted in the event of a significant change in: security tax, port and airport tax, fuel price increase, exchange rate variation, change of host. The residences quoted on our "stay cards" are indicative and will be sold within the limits of availability. In case of out of stock, a residence of equivalent quality will be offered to the client.

  • Security deposit:

    A security deposit is required on site for all apartment rentals. The amount varies between residences and hosts between 200 and 500 Euros per apartment for individual customers. For groups, a minimum of 200 Euros / participant (in one or two checks) will be requested. On the day of your departure, the accommodation must be vacated between 8 am and 10 am in the morning. The deposit is returned after inventory, subject to any damage, if the apartment, room or rent whatsoever, is made in a suitable state of cleanliness and if the rules of procedure has been respected in all its forms, especially in terms of the behavior of the clientele in the common parts of the buildings (vandalism, night-time noise or any other nuisance of this type). It is expressly requested to be aware of the elements of the contract concerning the respect of the rules of residence. In case of non-compliance with the rules of procedure, we reserve the right to keep all or part of your deposit. However, if it proves to be insufficient, you will be asked to complete it. It will be the same if a degradation is observed during your transport. In no case VTR can not be held responsible for the return of the bonds given to the hosts directly. These will be returned by this host.

  • Transport :

    For coaches chartered by VTR, the times indicated on your convocation are departure times, not appointment times. Introduce yourself at least 30 minutes before departure. The time and places of departure are given as an indication. The departure time can be advanced or retracted. The place of departure can also be changed. In these cases, we will keep you informed. It is your responsibility to indicate on your registration form reliable postal and telephone numbers. If we could not reach you before departure by default of reliable contact, our responsibility would be released. VTR can not be held responsible for an air, rail, or ground pre-routing delay that would result in the departure of the departing passenger for any reason whatsoever, even if this delay results from a case of force majeure, a fortuitous event, or because of a third party. Bus transport is subject to road hazards (traffic jams, mechanical incidents, accidents, traffic difficulties ...), so your coach may be late compared to the scheduled time. The maximum will be done to mitigate the disturbances hindering the good progress of the trip. In all these cases, the participants can not claim any compensation. The duration of each break during the trip is announced by the escort or the driver. It is up to the participant to be present at the restart of the bus. It is the same for the departure of the last day of the stay. Any participant who does not show up at the start, at the scheduled time and place, must return on his own and at his own expense. On your return VTR is in no way responsible for any delay or advance that would result in changes to your schedule, or the impossibility of using public transportation, or accommodation. Plan for margin.

  • Frais d’annulation :

    Toute annulation par le participant doit être adressée à VTR par lettre recommandée, le cachet de la Poste faisant foi. Pour garantir la bonne réalisation de nos voyages, nous sommes amenés à engager des frais qui nous obligent à appliquer des pénalités lors des annulations d’inscription, en fonction de la date d’annulation. Sauf mention particulière, les retenues se calculent de la façon suivante (pourcentage du montant total du séjour incluant les frais annexes hors assurances par personne) :
    - plus de 60 jours avant le départ : 10 % du prix du voyage (sauf cas particulier : 25% pour les séjours sur les Arcs en résidence 2*)
    - entre 60 et 30 jours avant le départ : 50 %
    - entre 30 et 15 jours avant le départ : 75 %
    - moins de 15 jours avant le départ ou non-présentation :100 %
    Des frais de dossier seront retenus pour chaque annulation, soit 30 € par personne. Toutefois, certains programmes comportant des services payés par avance à nos fournisseurs, les frais de dossier pourront être majorés de frais supplémentaires, tels que : places pour un spectacle, billet SNCF, etc.
    En aucun cas, la somme représentant ces pénalités ne pourra être reportée sur un autre séjour.
    Tout séjour commencé est considéré comme consommé du fait du participant et ne donnera lieu à aucun remboursement.
    Le tarif du voyage sera révisé si la défection entraîne un changement de tranche de tarification.
    Pour limiter ces risques, nous vous conseillons la souscription d’une assurance annulation.
    Nous tenons toutefois à attirer votre attention sur le fait que cette assurance est soumise à des conditions dont il convient de prendre connaissance au moment de la souscription. En particulier, il est à noter que la perte des papiers d’identité avant le départ n’est pas un risque pris en charge par notre assurance.
    Attention, certains voyages peuvent avoir des conditions d’annulation spécifiques, vérifier votre contrat.

  • Assurances :

    Nous rappelons que nos séjours n’incluent aucune assurance. Afin de vous prévenir de tous soucis, nous vous conseillons vivement de souscrire à nos assurances proposées en option. Les détails sont disponibles sur simple demande. Attention, vous devez souscrire ces garanties dès votre inscription.
    En cas de sinistre, le client qui aurait contracté une assurance assistance rapatriement ou annulation par notre intermédiaire, devra s’adresser directement à l’Assureur dont les coordonnées figurent sur les documents remis.

  • Modification ou annulation du fait de l'organisateur :

    Nos circuits et nos séjours sont étudiés avec le plus grand soin. Toutefois des éléments nouveaux peuvent nous amener à apporter des modifications dans le but de garantir à nos clients le meilleur service possible. En cas de nécessité, nous nous réservons expressément le droit : de pré-acheminer les voyageurs par train, taxi ou services réguliers ; de modifier les itinéraires ou les horaires ; de substituer un moyen de transport par un autre ; de remplacer un hébergement par un établissement équivalent. En cas de modifications, les clients ne peuvent prétendre comme seule indemnité qu’au remboursement des services payants initialement prévus et dont ils auraient été privés. Si, avant le départ, le séjour est modifié par l'organisateur sur un élément essentiel du contrat, le client peut, dans un délai de 7 jours, après en avoir été averti : -soit mettre fin à sa réservation (par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception uniquement), auquel cas il obtiendra le remboursement immédiat de toutes les sommes versées. -soit accepter de participer au séjour modifié. Un avenant sera signé, précisant les modifications, la diminution ou l'augmentation du prix. Le client ne peut pas modifier le déroulement de son voyage. Dans le cas où le séjour serait annulé par l'organisateur pour des circonstances de force majeure ou pour des raisons tenant à la sécurité des voyageurs, le client ne peut prétendre à une quelconque indemnité.

  • Responsabilités :

    Pour l'exécution de ses séjours, VTR fait appel à plusieurs catégories de prestataires de services. Nous ne saurions être confondus avec ceux-ci qui conservent en tout état de cause, à l'égard de tout client, les responsabilités propres à leur activité, aux termes des statuts qui les régissent et de leur législation. De même, VTR ne peut être tenue pour responsable et le client ne peut prétendre à aucune indemnité en cas de changement d'horaires ou de force majeure. Les conditions d'affrètement avec les transporteurs nous obligent à rappeler que toute place abandonnée sur ces transports à l'aller ou au retour ne peut être remboursée, même dans le cas d'un report d'une date à une autre du fait du client. VTR se réserve le droit d'annuler un affrètement en cas d'insuffisance du nombre de voyageurs. Dans ce cas, le simple remboursement des sommes versées par le client déliera VTR de tout engagement et l'exemptera de toute indemnité. Néanmoins, VTR fera tout le nécessaire pour trouver des places au client sur un transport régulier et facturera alors le prix officiel. Tout séjour interrompu ou toute prestation non-utilisée du fait du client pour quelque raison que ce soit ne peut donner lieu à aucun remboursement.
    VTR se réserve le droit d'apporter toutes modifications utiles jugées nécessaires pour le bon déroulement d'un voyage. Par ailleurs, les locaux d’hébergement, le matériel de transport, le matériel loué pour la pratique des activités sportives, restent sous l’entière responsabilité des utilisateurs. En cas de dégradation, de perte ou de vol, VTR ne peut être tenu responsable et le client s ‘engage à rembourser le montant du préjudice causé.
    VTR n’étant pas titulaire d’agrément du ministère Jeunesse et Sport pour l’encadrement des mineurs, tout mineur reste donc sous l’entière responsabilité de ses parents ou tuteurs. En aucun cas VTR ne peut être tenu pour responsable du fait des circonstances de force majeure, cas fortuit ou du fait de tiers.

  • Avertissement :

    Le client participant à une activité organisée par VTR doit se conformer aux règles en vigueur et suivre les conseils donnés par son représentant.
    VTR et ses préposés se réservent le droit d’exclure à tout moment une personne, dont le comportement peut causer un trouble grave au reste du groupe ou pouvant mettre en danger la sécurité des autres ou ne respectant pas la législation en vigueur : agressivité, non respect des autres participants, consommation d’alcool ou cigarettes dans les cars… Aucune indemnité à la personne exclue n’est due dans ce cas.

  • Bagages :

    Chaque voyageur reste personnellement responsable de ses bagages durant toute la durée du voyage. Nous ne sommes pas responsables des objets et valeurs laissés à l’intérieur des autocars ou des trains. De plus, devant le nombre croissant des objets personnels oubliés par les clients dans les hôtels ou les locations et la difficulté de les identifier, il nous sera impossible de nous charger tant de la recherche que du retour des objets.

  • Responsabilité professionnelle :

    VTR déclare avoir souscrit une assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle auprès de la compagnie MMA (n° de police 112008929). Cette assurance a pour but de protéger nos clients contre les risques d’erreur professionnelle de notre personnel et de nos prestataires.
    VTR est également assuré contre le risque de défaillance financière avant ou pendant le voyage. Cette garantie a été souscrite auprès de l’APS, Rue Carnot, Paris 17ème.

  • Litige :

    Toute réclamation relative à un séjour doit nous parvenir en recommandé dans un délai de 8 jours après la date de retour. Passé ce délai, il ne sera donné aucune suite aux demandes formulées.
    En cas de contestation ou de litige, seul le tribunal de Montpellier sera compétent.